David Sykes is a talented commercial photographer currently based in London, UK. He shoots a lot of still life, advertising and food photography. His talent for photography was nurtured whilst studying Graphic Design at college. Upon completion of a photography degree in Kent, David moved to London to start assisting. A year later, David went on to win the AOP Still Life Assistant Award (1998). From then on, despite full-time assisting on shoots around the world, David was in demand, and receiving a number of his own commissions. In 2001 he decided to go it alone, and he was subsequently featured once again in the AOP Awards with his Pig series and his Faux food series in 2010. Other awards include featuring in four D&AD awards being included in the 2009 campaign photo awards and in the creative review photography awards 4 times. He has been a busy, successful advertising photographer ever since, notching up an impressive client list including Visa, Persil, Cadburys, Lurpak, Heinz, Hellmann’s, BT, American Express, Starbucks, Honda, Cool Whip and a regular contributor to Monocle Magazine.